We are pleased to hold an editorial discussion for insurance industry leaders in London on November 30 at 8 am at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen 11, 13, 14 South Pl, London, located near Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations

Taking place over breakfast in London, our editorially curated and led roundtable will discuss: Taking another leap forward: What should the insurance sector’s technological objectives be for 2023 and beyond? 

As a market, we have been talking about the importance of technology transformation in insurance for years now. Talk that has certainly transformed into actions at an increasing rate in recent years in part driven by customer demand, and in part a need to be more cost efficient and competitive.

With the burden of legacy and heritage technology no longer seen as the hindrance it once was; and emboldened by a greater understanding of the data at its fingertips and a new generation of managers and staff who think ‘digital first,’ these are potentially exciting times for the insurance sector. But are we at risk of falling short by assuming we've transformed enough?

So as we near the start of a new year, Insurance Post in association with WatersTechnology would like to gather together a host of experts to discuss the state of play - and whether the sector is poised to make another leap in terms of digitalisation and technology adoption.

Among the questions we will seek to answer are:

  • As a market would you say that insurance has caught up with – or is catching up with sectors [banking, other financial services …] it has unfavourably been compared with in the past?
  • Where have the biggest leaps been made in terms of technology transformation since 2020? Which business units have benefitted? What have been the drivers for these?
  • How close is the insurance sector to achieving the long held ambition of having a single view of every portfolio on its books?
  • What are the biggest barriers to transformation that remain today? How can they be overcome?
  • What is on the technology wish list for 2023?
  • Which specific business functions are ripe for innovation and would benefit the most from using the likes of SaaS technology etc?

Numbers are strictly limited to ensure a quality discussion can be had. Acceptance is by invitation only. If you would like to apply to attend the forum, please fill out the form below with your details.

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